Bottle and Cask speciality beer brewers

The North Yorkshire Brewing company is an independent micro brewery which has been brewing speciality beers since 1989.

Our hand-crafted beers are brewed from the finest ingredients, we have over 20 varieties of beers including Cereal Killer, Crystal Tips, Dizzy Dick, Golden Ginseng, Honey Bunny, Love Muscle, Rocket Fuel, White Lady, Best Bitter, Blond, Fools Gold, Prior's Ale, Flying Herbert, Christmas Herbert, Boro Best, Ruby Ale, Lord Lee's.

Our bottles of fine beer make a great gift, or just to enjoy with friends and family.

If you want to know how it all happens, why not join us on one of our brewery tours, an informative trip round our brewing facilities, a tasting session, and the chance to buy some of our file ales.

Landlords and resellers, we would be pleased to speak to you about wholesale supply of our cask and bottled beers. We can also supply bespoke beers for your pub with it's own name if required

All our beers are available to buy online, why not have a look around our online shop?

Contains barley gluten.

The Brewery