Seasonal Ales and Cleveland Range

Read Kjarr 4,0%

Red ale

Availability: February and March in casks, permanent in bottles

Bold Ruby-Red ale with a fruity hop character balanced by a blend of caramel and toasted malts

The name stems from the old Saxon/Viking description of Redcar: Read=reed and Kjarr=marsh

Food pairing: chicken, seafood, burgers; great with spicy cuisine

IBU: 45

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Jolly Jingles 5,0%

Christmas Stout

Availability: Nov-Dec only, cask and bottles

A real Christmas cracker packed with flavours of cinnamon, vanilla and dark rum.

Food pairing: a great accompaniment to the ‘sea sweetness’ (crab, calamari, clams or scallops), "game meats" (venison, pheasant or rabbit) and fruity desserts

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Seasider 3,6%

Lemongras infused beer

Availability: June - July - August, cask only

Summer Ale

Food pairing: chicken, salads, salmon, English cheese; great with a burger

IBU: 45

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GinNY in the Bottle 4,3%

Infused with gin botanicals from Daisy Distillery, Skelton

Availability: September - October, cask only

Infused with juniper berries, coriander, cassia bark and citrus peel, combines a classic golden ale with rich, aromatic notes of gin botanicals, which offer the beer a delicate dry note balanced by the flavours of Columbus and Chinook hops.

IBU: 30

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Cleveland Way IPA 5.2%

Inufsed with Orange Peel from Daisy Distillery

Availability: occasional ale

Fragrant New World hop flavours impart a full but delicate bitterness, a beautifully citrusy aroma, while at the back lurks a hint of conifer resin.

Food pairing: spicier dish, such as tacos or a burger with barbeque sauce; heavy, fatty foods, such as sausage, deep-fried meats or French fries.

IBU: 55

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Session IPA with peach and apricot


A new collaboration with our friends from Daisy Distillery, this beer is an IPA with low background bitterness; the addition of peach, apricot and milk sugars gives a sweet fruit shake aroma.

IBU: 10

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REDcar ROCKS 5.5%

Cherry and Hibiscus Ale

Availability: occasional ale

Our freshest ale, brewed with a mix of sweet/sour CHERRY puree and HIBISCUS flowers, is an amazing beer that pours a brilliant RED colour; it features a floral aroma and tangy, sweet and sour fruit flavours..

Allergens: GLUTEN (from barley and wheat) and LACTOSE.

IBU: 22

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Availability: occasional

In collaboration with Daisy Distillery - a blonde stout brewed with cold-steeped coffee and cocoa nibs, aged with bourbon oak chips that imparts vanilla notes. Malts along with flaked oats give this beer a full body that is typical of any stout, whilst having the appearance of a pale ale. The result is a creamy and slightly sweet beer with a malt backbone. A modern twist on a classic - close your eyes and one might call it a porter (or HERETICAL at worst!!!).

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